Tips to apply for scholarships

Looking to apply for scholarships? Here are a few tips to help you with the process and also a list of scholarships offered by various educational institutions in the country. Whether you choose to obtain a certificate, a degree, or a diploma from a licensed or accredited institution, the first thing you need to do […]

Applying for Scholarships

America is indeed a haven for students looking to benefit from a large number of excellent and widely recognized academic opportunities. Further scholarship options for American and international students are many and varied. Here is a list of scholarships offered by key US Colleges and Universities along with scholarships granted by the US government and […]

Why are scholarships essential in the present economy?

Do you know that every year hundreds of thousands of scholarships are disbursed by a huge number of federal agencies, non-governmental funding agencies, philanthropists, educational institutes and by corporate giants? The amount of money that goes into scholarships is astronomical, to say the least, and one might even wonder why. Let us take a moment […]

Types of scholarships

Scholarships are financial assistance schemes offered to deserving students for the purpose of subsidizing their pursuit of a collegiate education. In today’s educational scenario, the scholarships offered by individuals and organizations amount to billions of dollars and make it possible for intelligent students who may not possess the financial capabilities to receive a quality education. […]

What are scholarships?

Since time immemorial, mankind has always had an inborn urge to seek, to explore and to find and in the process, to constantly further the limits of learning. But, the fact remains that unless one’s basic needs of food, shelter, and security are met, one doesn’t normally turn towards learning. We live in a time […]

The history of scholarships in USA

The first ever scholarship in the history of American collegiate education was established by Lady Anne Moulson (born Anne Radcliffe,1576-1661) at the then newly formed Harvard University. In those days, the sum she offered was significant indeed a 100 pounds! Till today, her name lives on, for the much acclaimed Radcliffe College, founded as the […]