5 things you must know before renting a U-Haul

When you are shifting your home across the country, chances are you might find several rental trucks along the way. You might as well be considering moving using all the DIY options that are there to keep the costs low. There are several truck rental services that can facilitate this need. U-Haul is among those […]

Packing tips while moving cross country in a U-Haul

Moving your home cross country can be Herculean task when you have decided to move your home using rented truck through truck rental services such as U-Haul. Here are some packing tips that can ensure hassle free moving: You must packing supplies such as, boxes of all sizes, paper tapes, wardrobe boxes, and TV box […]

A brief glimpse of U-Haul truck rentals

U-Haul Truck Rentals is a private company owned currently by AMERCO, a holding company with other businesses like real estate, general insurance, and life insurance. The company was started by Leonard Shoen in a garage belonging to the family of his wife. He chose franchising with gas stations for rapid expansion. The Shoen family owns […]