The delicate business of perfurmery

A sweet smell of a flower or any substance is termed as fragrance. A pleasant soul soothing odor can be made into multiple by-products such as perfume, cologne, aftershave and so forth. Wearing a perfume is an old tradition and also considered royal. During the times when kingdoms where in place, not only wearing perfumes […]

A look into the evolution of the fragrance market

The usage of fragrance producing items have been in use for the longest time. Right from the beginning of history, the fragrance market has been thriving without witnessing any downfall. Perfume and perfume-based products have always found consumers among the swish set of the society as well as among the rest. Fragrance in older times […]

How fragrances and perfumes originated?

Fragrance is a sweet, pleasant smell. It originates from multiple places and sources food, flowers, plants, perfumes, deodorants, aftershave, talc powder, wall papers, room fresheners etc. Anything that catches your senses smoothly and makes your senses feel nice and pleasant can be termed as fragrance. What is fragrance? There are varieties of fragrances that have […]

How to categorize fragrances

Fragrances are great for the mind, body and soul, and are soothing to the core even with just one mere whiff. Fragrances are manufactured in factories in bulk quantities without compromising on the fragrance, or as one calls it, the quality. The fragrance is retained till the very end of the process, with even the […]

A glimpse into the fragrance industry of USA

Everybody is fond of perfumes due to their unbelievable fragrance and sweet smell. They are used in multiple occasions in our lives. Perfumes can be gifted to someone. Forget ordinary people even royal families used to and still do gift each other the best available perfumes since it has been considered as an honorable gesture […]