Fancy techniques that make baking a delightful experience

Desserts are a weak point in all our lives. However, at times, baking can become a tedious process. Incorporating techniques that reduce your work, or enabling less manpower, can be a boon when you must bake for a special occasion. Here are two baking methods that make those desserts yummy and easy to handle. Melting […]

Three mouthwatering quick bakes for a dinner party

Hosting a dinner party? Let the inner chef in you emerge as you serve up some delicious and decadent desserts. Here are some quick and easy dessert recipes to treat your guests’ taste buds. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Ingredients ½ tsp yellow food color (optional) 200 grams flour 100 grams butter 6 pineapple slices 1 tsp […]