Types of tubal reversal surgery you should know about

Tubal ligation sterilizes you, but thankfully it is a surgery that can be reversed when needed. A tubal reversal surgery is known medically by a variety of names that are specific to the procedure that a surgeon follows. They include tubotubal anastomosis, microsurgical tubal reanastomosis, microsurgical tubal anastomosis, tubal reimplantation, tubouterine implantation, neofimbrioplasty, and several […]

Five facts to know about cataract and its surgery

Cataract is one of the common condition of the eye that occurs in a large percentage of people once they cross the 40 age mark. Technology has improved and undergoing a cataract surgery is very common these days. Are you diagnosed with cataract? Are you confused about cataract surgery? Here are five basic facts you […]

Surgery overview of tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure in which a woman’s Fallopian tubes are blocked, tied, or cut. Tubal ligation and tubal implants are one of the permanent methods of birth control for women. They are usually done by a gynecologist or a general surgeon. The implants are small metal springs and are placed in each […]

Everything you need to know about a knee surgery

A knee surgery is too generic a name to describe any one procedure. However, it is normally meant to mean either a partial or a total knee replacement. It needs to be understood that there are other surgical interventions carried out in the knee as well. Components of a knee Some of the common procedures […]

Your diet post gallbladder surgery

If you have just had a gallbladder surgery, or are going to have one, and want to know how the surgery will affect your diet, read on. Gallbladder surgery in medical terms is called Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and is considered to be the best method for treating gallstones that causes lot of pain. A gallbladder […]