Construction and maintenance: The roads to development

Construction is an integral part of human life. It is an activity that has been practiced for ages. The first huts or other residential quarters were constructed using hands or simple tools. Maintenance is an activity that comes along with construction. It is the sector that focuses on the efficient working and the checking and […]

Construction and maintenance: A necessity today

Construction is a term that means the science and art required to construct, build or form structures, organizations, and objects. It is derived from the Latin term constructionem’ and the Old French term construction.’ The phases of construction are multiple folds. They are: Vision/fantasy/idea A concept that may or may not be intended to be […]

Construction and maintenance: Acquaintance with the terms

Construction is the process of making or constructing a building or any kind of infrastructure. Its generic definition pertains particularly to infrastructure and building-making. Construction is a booming industry in the developed and the developing countries, comprising almost 9% of the GDP. It is usually a three-step procedure: Planning, Designing, and Financing. Maintenance is the […]

A look into the construction and maintenance industry

For years together, the construction industry has been surging in terms of generating income and employment opportunities, increasing the overall GDP of a country and upgrading the infrastructure of the country. Maintenance has grown hand in hand so as to ensure that the rise is in no way, cut short or short-lived. The industry has […]