Why is 529 considered the best college savings plans

Every parent dreams of giving his/her child the best education possible for it is only a sound education at the collegiate level that can assure a reasonably lucrative career for our children down the line. And, in these days when competition is so high, merely acquiring a Bachelor’s degree from just about any college is […]

How to plan your college savings well ahead of time

We live in a time when so much emphasis is given to the acquisition of a sound college education, preferably in a top league college or university. For many, only such higher education can open the portals to a successful and lucrative career in one’s chosen line of interest. However, while some do have the […]

How to save money for college

There are thousands of colleges across the Country offering a diverse range of educational options. Nevertheless, if one has to have a successful career post college, it is very important to gain admission into a recognized college. Surely, this will prove to be a very expensive but necessary investment. Given the present trends with regard […]

Choosing the college that is right for you

The threshold period before entering an institute of higher education can be one that is filled with anxiety, frustration and also excitement. Friends give you one opinion. A family gives you several more. Your high school teachers throw in their two pennies worth. Finally, you are left not knowing what to choose. In today’s world, […]

Best ways to stay fit in college

Acquiring a collegiate education is essential these days. For some, these are the best years of one’s life, for new friends are plenty and social life is exciting. For others, the burden of academics and also managing finances may prove to be a source of stress. In any case, many youngsters tend to dismiss the […]