Voice assistants – The next big thing in technology

Not just smartphones, a number of smart devices at home as well as workplaces have become an integral part of our everyday life. Voice assistants, at the moment, are the hottest products in the market. These devices can simplify daily tasks by resolving general queries, streaming music, finding local businesses, and ordering products and services. […]

6 big data analytics tools that are in trend right now

With a massive amount of data collected by organizations across various sectors, it has become quite significant for these organizations to utilize the data collected efficiently. Right utilization of the data can help in making better business decisions and gain insights into the results of strategies adopted by organizations. This massive amount of data that […]

4 ways in which big data analytics is making healthcare services efficient

Since the last decade, big data analytics is slowly finding applications across multiple industries including healthcare. With a massive amount of patient data generated on a daily basis, the healthcare industry has a lot of potentials to use big data analytics’ predictive capability. This can help in predicting and preventing the outbreak of epidemics. Moreover, […]

Learn about the HD revolution in detail

The optical fiber has taken over, and it is being deployed worldwide. You are not going to see all IP enabled set-top boxes anymore because they are replaced by the DVB standard. There is no shortage of innovations, and researchers are spending a lot of time and effort to design more and more innovative televisions […]

Knowing more about digital technology

The massive technological jump in digital media can only be seen with great awe. If you look at the advances in digital compression and transmission, you will be amazed. Technology has done wonders in several ways. Digital TVs have taken over High-definition broadcast has become a standard practice and after LCD, LED and Plasma, 3D […]

Popular free and paid domains for creating your website

Creating a website today is as easy as creating a profile for any of your social media pages. With many free and paid tools available at the click of a button, all you need is a good idea and great content. Content is king in today’s media, which is why more and more domains and […]

Create a website by following these simple steps

Have an idea for a website, but don’t know where to start? Here are easy steps that you can follow to create a web site. Establish your platform: Websites cannot go live and function the way you want them to irrespective of the type of content without a content management system or CMS for short. […]

4 reasons you should learn how to create an app

Almost every single person has a smartphone today. Because of this, there are millions of apps out there today. If there’s something you want, there’s probably an app for it as well. Pretty much every business and hobby has an app today. It’s not just games and productivity tools. Anyone can create and upload an […]

Top 5 free international conference calling services

Development in technology has brought us all closer than ever. We can stay connected every single minute, irrespective of where we are located. This luxury brought about several services and networks all of whom have been competing to bring to us the best possible services including fast, cheap and strong connections. The best of this […]

Genuine facts about real time face-to-face communication

Technology is reaching new heights every day and it has touched all facets of life. With sophisticated high-speed data transfer, face-to-face communication knows no bounds. Video conferencing has changed the way the world communicates. It has a tremendous impact on how business is carried out, improving the services a company offers across the world. It […]