Introduction to employee relations

To start with, what is it that constitutes employee relations? Well, for starters, employee relations refer to the relationship between the employer and employee within an organization and also that which exists between the employees themselves. It is the responsibility of the organization to engender harmonious employee relations, and in order for this to happen, […]

Relevance of employee relations today

In today’s highly competitive, globalized market, with so many options available to prospective employees, especially younger ones, there has been a shift in the way employers have had to think of and engage with their workforce. This is especially true when taking into account the somewhat fickle millennial workforce, for whom satisfaction, engagement, and worklife […]

Importance of employee relations

Employee relations are an essential and important part of the operations of every business, whether it is a small, medium, or large sized enterprise. Employee relations, as the term suggests, refers to the relationship between the employees themselves, as well as the relationship between employer and employees. In other words, it is the way all […]