Importance of employee engagement

Have you ever wondered exactly what task the employee engagement team or person in your organization is actually tasked with? Is it all just fun and games, organizing the year-end Christmas or holiday party, showing up at your desk to congratulate you on your work anniversary, or organizing the cake for employee birthdays? Sure, these […]

Keeping your employees happy

No man is an island, and this saying holds especially true for organizations which rely on their human capital to run and do business in the first place. Unhappy employees will adversely affect the company not just in terms of the environment but eventually, its bottom line too. Not only should there be an environment […]

Ways to improve employee engagement

An integral part of an organization’s employee relations will start and end with employee engagement. Putting the policies and creating the right environment to foster employee engagement means happier and more satisfied employees. And when employees are happy, they work better and are more productive. Communication is perhaps the single most important aspect to improving […]