The key features of a good video conference

Video conferences are a major part of an office culture in today’s scenario. With the majority of clients in other parts of the world, the best solution for effective communication is video conferencing. Video conferences are preferred over audio as they create an authentic human connection. These are more effective as they avoid chances of […]

7 guidelines for an effective video conference

Video conferences are an important part of the corporate world. Companies have customers and clients all across the globe. The best way to communicate with them is through video conferencing. Conferences can be boring and unfruitful at times. Here are few guidelines that can help your video conference go as planned and on track. Fix […]

Top reasons why you must utilize video conference calling for your business

The evolution of human civilization has reached an era where technology has altered the perception of conducting business. This has also made an impact on how business owners communicate with their clients, business partners, staff, and employees. In the present economic situation, business is more global than anyone could have ever imagined. With the contribution […]

How to choose the best video conferencing system for your organisation

Buying a video conferencing system can save your time, money, and help your business grow without any communication barriers. With business traveling being a common phenomenon for large companies, it can be difficult to keep track of meetings. Not to mention, it can get expensive too. This is where using video conferencing software and systems […]

5 benefits of using video conferencing systems

Video conferencing systems can help a business by making its work operations more productive. It can help you run your company smoother, save money, time and other crucial resources. You’re interacting with your colleagues normally, except you happen to be on a virtual platform. You can do this from a hotel room, while traveling, or […]

Best international conference calling platforms

Technology knows no bounds anymore. You can now connect to people all around the world in the blink of an eye. Things get better when you can connect to more than one person at a time. Be it for business or personal use, conference calls are the best thing to have happened in the world […]

Five things to look in for cloud video conferencing

Cloud-based video conferencing uses minimal hardware required for video-conferencing systems. They can be used by SME’s and even larger international companies. Cloud-based systems can handle both 2D and 3D video broadcasting. They can also be implemented to use VOIP calls and other forms of video calling. Here are a few things that you should look […]

Cloud video conferencing – The future of video presence

The market of video conferencing is growing at a rapid pace. The overall market of video conferencing would continue at a rate of around 9% annually which is expected to reach to roughly $3.5 billion by the year 2020. In such a behemoth of a market, cloud computing plays an important role. There are more […]