Here’s what you need to know about osteoporosis tests

Osteoporosis is a form of arthritis that causes the bones to weaken, which makes them increasingly fragile and highly prone to fractures. It is estimated that around two million fractures are caused by this condition annually. Although osteoporosis can affect any bone, it is usually observed in body parts like wrist, spine, and hip. Almost […]

Diagnosis of osteoporosis

An arthritic condition, osteoporosis occurs when the bones tend to become brittle and weak. This magnifies the chances of getting a fracture even from inconsequential activities like coughing or bending. Usually, fractures related to osteoporosis are experienced in the wrist, spine or hip. It occurs when the body produces an inadequate amount of bone tissue, […]

Osteoporosis: Risk factors, symptoms and treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which the immune system starts to attack its own healthy cells and tissues. As a result, the joints and the membranes surrounding the joints become inflamed and releases enzymes that damage and break bone cartilages. The condition can lead to osteoporosis. It is a stage when the bones have […]

A brief overview of osteoporosis

Your body can be prone to conditions that are usually silent and do not give out any symptoms in the beginning. One such area could be your bones; the reason being that bones are one of the strongest parts of the human body and are not susceptible to complications that easily. However, your bones and […]