Three most popular back-to-school sneakers for kids

The end of summer brings about mixed feelings with the start of a new year and the end of a long summer break. However, getting back to school gets all the kids excited because of the new items that they will get to use including a new backpack, some new clothes, and a brand-new set […]

4 stylish back-to-school outfits for your kids

Back-to-school clothes shopping can be a daunting task as you might find yourself in a quandary for the right pair of clothes for your kid. But if you know exactly what to pick and from where to buy the back-to-school outfits, then you are halfway through. From plaid shirts to a pair of distressed jeans […]

Three comfortable and stylish back-to-school sneakers for kids

Most of us are aware that a new year at school translates to getting a new pair of shoes. Nobody wants to wear an old, worn-out pair of shoes on their first day at school, especially if they have switched schools or cities. New shoes are not only about style and freshness, but also about […]

Reasons why you should buy a 3 wheeled bicycle today

We can never forget the fun we have had on bicycles as kids. From riding down the street with friends to wanting to get into a race, bicycles were a pivotal part of our lives. However, as we grew up, bicycles became a thing of the past right? Not anymore. There are several adults who […]

Children’s Place: One-stop shop to buy children’s stuff

Parents can hardly contain the excitement of buying new clothes for their little children every few days because this is when they adore their child the most in fancy clothes. When you talk about clothes for children, the first thing that comes to mind is Children’s Place. This store has got awesome collection of stylish […]