7 home remedies for vaginal itching caused by menopause

When a woman is going through a menopause, her body starts to transition on a very significant level. These alterations in the feminine hormones often cause the estrogen levels in the body to drop. This leads to vaginal dryness, and subsequently vaginal itching. Vaginal itching during menopause can often be extremely irritating. It can affect […]

Here’s what you must know about vaginal itching caused by menopause

Vaginal itching is caused by vaginal dryness, which is mostly the consequence of low estrogen levels in a women’s body. Although this could happen to any women at any age, a drop in the estrogen level is often associated with the onset of a menopausal phase. To treat vaginal itching during menopause one should understand […]

The basics of the post menopause stage

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive life. During the years of transition the woman suffers symptoms like hot flashes, redness of skin, anxiety etc. Most of these symptoms fade off in a year or two. With the topsy-turvy menstrual patterns, it is extremely difficult to ascertain the exact date of ovulation and plan […]

What you should know about premature menopause

The beginning of menopause is often noticed when the interval between the periods starts to get longer with each cycle. As the hormone levels fluctuate, the duration and the flow patterns all fluctuate. The woman often does not know when the periods will start and is often caught unaware. During this period the women experience […]

The symptoms of menopause

A woman undergoes a few medically significant stages through the course of her life. A girl is born with a fixed number of oocytes or potential ova which can all become children. These female reproductive cells remain quiescent until shaken awake by the powerful nudges by the new team of various very powerful hormones at […]

Menopause: An overview

Menopause is neither a disease nor a symptom of one. It is a very natural process in the life of woman. When a girl is born, she does so with a finite number of oocytes or female egg cells or ova distributed in the two ovaries she is born with. At Menarche, she undergoes hormonal […]

Decoding the signs of menopause

Every woman will experience telltale signs which appear and take place during the menstrual cycle irritated feelings, stomach and leg cramps, back pain and lethargy. The signs of menopause can be a little more severe and is the beginning of the end of woman’s fertility. Women in their late forties and early fifties start noticing […]

Entering the post menopause stage – the symptoms

The Menopause journey has no clear beginning or ending point and has numerous diversions menopause is certainly a trip. However, while focusing on menopause symptoms, we also need to take stock of the post menopause phase, what happens during that time and if there are any health issues that could possibly crop up. These help […]