Here’s how to get a no fee prepaid debit card

What’s a prepaid debit card? You’ve heard of debit cards and credit cards, but this is different. This card can help you stick to a budget and limit your spending. Prepaid Debit Card A credit card offers you access to credit that you can pay back later. A regular debit card gives you access to […]

How prepaid debit cards work

Data suggests that more than forty million Americans don’t have a bank account. The reasons can vary, but this has opened an innovative avenue in the US financial market. Prepaid debit cards have taken the market by storm, and have ensured that there’s always a convenient method of performing transaction. Upon activation, you can use […]

What you should know before getting a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is an excellent solution for people who don’t want to check accounts or simply can’t get a credit card. Prepaid cards can also be gifted as a substitute for cash. However, prepaid cards are different from traditional credit and debit cards. They can cost you a lot of money if you don’t […]

Going abroad? Skip cash, take your cards!

These days, people prefer to pay by card than cash. It’s safer and requires less hassle. For example, you can pay for your stay at a hotel with your credit, debit, or travel currency card, instead of counting notes in front of the hotel staff, and when strangers see the money you have, you can […]