Cycle kick to the origin of football

Football The game that makes millions of hearts throb as their favorite team kick and tackle their way to make maximum goals and reach the top of the table. It is a 90-minute crazy ride of adrenaline rush and emotions. But how and where did it all this madness began? The history of football dates […]

Workout regime of a football player

A football player requires all round athleticism irrespective of their field position. There would be certain aspects that may be more important to one position than another. It still plays a key role in developing core strength and abilities of a player. The best workout regime for a football player is the one that help […]

Football – Basic ball control techniques

Ball control is the foundation of playing football. A football player can only master the technique of controlling the football if he or she is able to properly coordinate various parts of their body. There are a number of variations and combinations and methods that help in terms of controlling the ball. A younger player […]