Benefits of switching from a landline work phone to business mobile phone

Landlines and mobiles phones have their own distinct places in a professional setting. However, with the advancement of technology one can get all the features of a desktop business phone system on a good smartphone. Telecom business service providers now offer the same services for smartphones as the landline business plans and that too at […]

Landline vs. business mobile phones

Businesses can grow at an impressive rate with a good communication system. When operating a business, one may be pressed to consider the different business phone systems and the equipment for the same. You want to get the best business mobile phone, but it is important to know the pros and cons of all types […]

3 must have features of a good business phone system

While setting up a business, you will need to invest in good communication tools to ensure that all the processes run smoothly. A good business phone system is one such tool. Most of the latest business phone systems use a VOIP system, which is basically using the Internet to make calls from a phone. There […]

Advantages of having a VOIP business phone system

Communication is key for any business. The right communication tools can help businesses grow their sales and connections at an impressive rate. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is the technology that has changed the entire communications system making it more convenient for business owners. The only important requirement for setting up an […]

Benefits of choosing the best smart phones in a small business

Mobile phones have come a long way since their invention and now can perform a number of functions apart from the original use of calling. These have become more advanced, giving them the contemporary category of smartphones. Smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day life in almost every aspect. This holds especially true […]

Important tips for buying the right smart phone for your business

A good smartphone has become a necessity to run a business smoothly. It serves not just as a great means of communication but also offers the facility to create and store files, make presentations, and much more. With the abundance of features and the vast variety of business-friendly smartphones available in the market, you can […]

Effective tips to select the right business phone service provider

Like a lot of resources that are essential for your business to function, resources that promote communication too plays a major role in helping your business expand. You wouldn’t want your business to suffer because of some minor glitch in your communication system, would you? The traditional phone system, that was so much in vogue […]

4 popular business phone service providers for easy communication

If you own a business, irrespective of whether it is small or big, one thing that can make or break your business is communication. Here, communication doesn’t only imply the communication amongst you and your employees, it refers to the communication between you and your clients. Poor communication is a threat to your business. Since […]

Introduction to business phone systems

Businesses need to be able to communicate seamlessly, not only with external stakeholders like investors, suppliers, and customers but also with internal stakeholders employees. For employees to be able to communicate with each other, the business has to provide them with reliable technology. This is where business phone systems come in. The role of a […]

Types and advantages of business phone systems

Business phone systems came into play after the invention of the key telephone system in the 1930s that allowed for the use of a centralized key system that allowed for switching lines a rudimentary call forwarding. Since then the invention of several new technologies including the Internet have greatly contributed to the evolution of business […]