Best things to get at a winter clearance sale

The winter might have just started, but the retail industry slowly prepares for the coming spring season. Various spring wear is arranged to flood the stores, and the store manager is put under pressure to make space for the new incoming and clear out the existing inventory. Stores hold massive winter wear sales during this […]

How to get the best out of a winter clearance sale

Buying a good winter coat before the start of winter might be very costly. The best time to get one is in December and after. The spring fashion starts rolling into the stores by the end of January, and the store managers face the pressure of clearing the existing stock and make room for the […]

Why men’s winter gloves are a great buy

The role of winter gloves has changed since several centuries. Winter gloves have been created with a purely protective purpose. During winters, with the onset of harsh cold temperatures, you must provide the best protection for your hands when stepping out so as to steer clear of suffering from frostbites. This is why it is necessary […]

Interesting things that you didn’t know about ski waxing

You don’t have to be a world-class ski racer to appreciate the importance of keeping your skis well-maintained and waxed. Skiing over adequately waxed skis would assist you to ski faster and tread better. Waxing your skis is the basic maintenance which you can easily carry out on your own before giving your equipment for […]

Popular types of ski wax to watch out for

There are two basic purposes for applying wax to skis. While waxing can simply assist to provide the ski a very strong grip, it can simply arrange a smoother gliding motion all over the snow. Actually, there are varied types of ski waxes namely base waxes and running waxes. These two larger groups are simply […]

Common benefits of wearing ski helmets

There have been several discussions about the safety of ski helmets as well as skiing over the past few years. With the news of actress Natasha Richardson’s death during a beginner skiing lesson, the concerns about the effectiveness of ski helmets have grown two-fold. While there may be conflicting opinions about ski helmets, the truth […]

5 popular over-the-glasses ski goggles you will find useful

Finding ski goggles that fit over the glasses is a challenge. Wearing contacts can be irritating to the eyes while skiing and prescription ski goggles and inserts are expensive. Here are a few ski glasses reviews for goggles for people who wear glasses. Smith I/OX: This model has a high-quality feature that is also found […]

Popular winter boots to look out for

Having a walk when it is snowing is something everyone wishes for. However, the experience could be disappointing if one fails to wear a proper winter fur snow boots. Kids may find the experience of wearing cute fur boots thrilling but think about the adults who have to commute daily for work and are forced […]

Here are a few things to know about ski goggles

Ski goggles protect the face and eyes from the snow and glare. The goggles are big enough to cover a large part of the face. Yet ski goggles are small and less obtrusive. Size does not matter; regardless of this, they should fit snugly, prevent wind, snow, and ice from interfering with vision. Many ski […]

5 popular brands of ski gear you should know about

While choosing your ski gear it is always important to keep in mind your level of skill, where do you ski: powder/groomed, backcountry, and so on will help you narrow the search for the best ski gear possible with modern-day ski technology. The term ‘all mountain’ varies by retailer and manufacturer.  Listed below are some […]