Overview of iMac by Apple computers

The iMac is a product of Apple computers and is a popular PC for many years. The iMac’s design is iconic and popular. This brand of computers is superb for both the novices and the expert users. It can handle general purpose, heavy-duty tasks as well. This device is ideal for someone who needs to […]

4 reasons to buy an Apple Macbook instead of a personal computer

Ever wondered what makes a Macbook special and why they have such a devout group of followers? For those who are new to Apple products, it can be a little daunting to get used to what makes Macbooks different from PCs. Why have they considered a good alternative to buying a full-sized desktop? For starters, […]

Top 5 desktop PCs on the market

Desktop PCs are powerful devices, and there are many reasons why you should buy one to meet your work, home, or gaming needs. The best PCs do not take much space and are typically more powerful than laptops. Often, they are also far more affordable than premium laptops and are easier to customize and upgrade. […]

Top PCs that are super easy on the pocket

Buying a PC does not always call for a big investment as several top brands offer affordable options too. It is a misconception that only the high-end PCs give you powerful performance; some of the best budget PCs also boast the features and functions to meet all your productivity needs. To help you make a […]

Why buy an all-in-one PC?

Modern day computers are designed to be simple and compact. The first computer monitors were large, bulky, awkward cathode ray tubes. The most common form of computer consisted of an integrated monitor, computer system, and input devices. CRT monitors have since become obsolete due to the rise in popularity of flat screen technology. As the […]

All-in-one computers: a stylish choice

All-in-one computers are a single piece of hardware that comprises of the monitor and the computer’s system in a compact case. These systems have an edge over desktops by being simple and more compact that the desktops. This type of computer was popular in the 1980s. They included computers such as Compaq Portable, Osborne 1, […]

How to use a computer for first time users

Using a computer can be daunting for first time users. Keyboards, mouse, GUIs, boot up procedures – the technical list for functioning PCs can seem endless but at its core it’s very simple. All you need to realize is that every user was once a beginner and no matter how adept people are, they all […]

Top 3 benefits of using a PC

PCs (personal computers) are the advent of information technology and world computing. They account to the rise of business, smooth functioning of societies, and have become an integral part of the world economy in general. Even schools use computers these days and age is no bar to using these great devices. Calling them mere devices […]

A beginner’s guide to building a custom PC

Building a PC can be daunting but fun if you know what to look for. If it’s your first time building your very own PC, you can get started by shopping for the right parts. Also, teaming up a friend who is well versed in making custom builds can help. Whether you’ve always dreamed of […]

A guide to buying the right desktop PC for beginners

Buying a desktop PC can be both fun and daunting. If you rush into buying one without assessing your needs and skip the basic research, you might end up with a disappointing model. This is why it’s important to keep a few considerations in mind before you venture out to buy your first desktop PC. […]