4 popular speakers with voice assistants

The trend of smart speakers started in 2014 when Amazon released Echo and the Echo Dot to support its virtual assistant technology, Alexa. Over the years, other technology giants created and designed their own range of smart speakers. Each supports a different voice assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana). You may even find some […]

A guide to buying the perfect speakers

Are you the one who always likes listening to music? Well, listening to good music is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Nothing is wrong with listening music daily. However, if you are using headphones for long hours, then it can affect your hearing abilities. The regular use of headphones can damage yours […]

Benefits of wireless speakers

When it comes to a party, the music is the most important aspect that can add fun to your social event. You can skip anything but music. Music makes a party complete. But, apart from selecting the best music list for your party, you should also arrange a good sound system that can bring more energy […]

Top 4 wireless speakers to choose from

As much as we all love our smart speakers, they sometimes lack the quality and convenience provided by the other non-smart wireless speakers. Sure, Alexa can arrange your task list and create a playlist of your favorites while keeping an ear out for your demands and needs. But, you can’t take her to a pool […]

Types of speakers for your home theater system

There are various types of speakers available in the market these days ranging from different brands, sizes, specifications, etc. Depending on the size of your room, your sound quality preference and the placement of these speakers, choosing the right set of speakers for your home theater system can be quite tasking. It all boils down […]

How to care for your Bluetooth speaker

Buying one of the latest Bluetooth speakers from the numerous choices available is a confusing task. The price of a Bluetooth speaker is usually high, and a decent quality Bluetooth speaker should last you at least 2-3 years with smooth functioning. Once you have managed to find the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself, you need […]

Things to consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere on the market be it in small electronic stores, big malls or even online stores! Everybody wants to purchase the best Bluetooth speaker for themselves to ensure they have their musical entertainment on the go. With the wide array of brands and sizes available it can get quite confusing when you […]

How to place your speakers for the best audio performance

If you think purchasing the right speakers for your room is a difficult part, you are wrong. This is because you can easily choose from popular brands like ASUS speakers, HP speakers, Lenovo speakers, LG speakers, Logitech speakers, Philips speakers, and Sony speakers. However, placing the speakers in the room is the most challenging part when […]

How to pick the right speakers for your home

These days, there are so many different brands providing different technical specifications of speakers in the market, such as Asus speakers, Lenovo speakers, Logitech speakers, HP speakers, LG speakers, Philips speakers, and Samsung speakers. It can get confusing and overwhelming when you are in an electronic store and don’t understand the specifications the salesperson is […]

4 aspects to know before purchasing the best home audio speaker

Do you want better sound quality out of your entertainment system? Then you can obviously think of getting a home audio speaker or home theater speaker system. This is especially important for new age high definition smart TVs as the speaker capability is quite minimal for the sleek and slim size. Before deciding which home […]