Here are some major head injury symptoms you must know about

Concussions, skull fractures, scalp wounds, or any injury to the brain, skull, or scalp can be referred to as head injury. While the severity of a head injury can range from a mild bump to a traumatic brain injury, it is essential that you diagnose the type of injury promptly before carrying out the treatment. […]

Common head injury symptoms in adults and children

Traumatic head injury symptoms can range from visible physical effects of psychological and behavioral alterations. It is, therefore, important to accurately get diagnosed even if you experience mild, moderate or severe effects. While some head injury symptoms may appear right after the accident, others may develop and appear over a span of a few days. […]

Steps to ensure minimum complications due to a muscle pull injury

Gorin pain due to a muscle pull or tear can be quite painful. It not only limits your movements but also causes a number of discomforts during the slow recovery period. Groin injuries are most common with athletes and people who are involved in physical activities that require a repetitive action to be performed. Medical […]

What not to do to avoid injury during workouts

Body injuries while hitting the gym is a major concern people have in common. To keep safe, you need to be cautious about some common causes of injury. Here is a list of the gym mistakes you need to avoid for a safe and rewarding workout. Overexertion Some people, in their efforts to achieve their […]